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Saroya Poirier

Click to find out more about Saroya Poirier Saroya Poirier
Dancing since 1971, professionally since 1973
International Dancer performer instructor

Want to learn belly dance?
Or just add to what you already know?
Have fun, laugh, get sweaty?
Learn solo improve, choreography & troupe.
Be ready to start a troupe or join a troupe!
Or even, just do it for fun and exercise!
Then I am the teacher for you.
Come on down I will help you find muscles you didn't know you had.

I teach lots of stuff, almost all that stuff everyone else teaches. It has taken many years to learn it, years to refine it. Basic steps to fancy moves useful in all types/styles of Belly dance.

It is great fun to learn and I love to teach.

Also staging for; Theater, nightclub, fairs and festivals.

Want to have fun and be entertaining for any audience.

Saroya is an experienced nightclub performer who has danced with live bands, Greek, Persian, American and Egyptian musicians.

Greek Village
Georges Tops 24
Cedars of Lebanon
The Lebanon Restaurant
Georges Bar & Grill
New Club GinBasha, Hong Kong

Shows in Washington, Oregon, Canada, Hong Kong

Workshops Washington, Oregon, Vancouver Island & BC
I had a glorious time in Egypt, touring, watching dancing.. and spending money.

Renton Senior Center

Classes August to June
Choreography for Spring Show at Carco Theater
425 430-6633
Open age 50 & over

classes Fridays 1: PM to 2:15 PM
Some experience required for Performance class.

2:15 to 3:00 Beginning students

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