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Orginal festival invite... We had a long run.. thank you

Click to find out more about Orginal festival invite...  We had a long run.. thank you Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… hureeyry – hureeyry - hurreeyy.

Come one. Come all.
Welcome to the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival Saturday & Sunday, 3rd weekend in July at Hiawatha Community Center,
2700 California Ave SW, Seattle WA

This astounding event happens only once a year. Be ready your chance is coming:

Be amazed by the Sword Balancers. Even if the swords aren’t sharp, they’re really shiny.

Be French fried by the Fire Dancers. Armed only with candles, fiercely battling wind and wax.

Be mesmerized by the Dance of the Seven Veils, daringly done with only one or two.

Come sweat to the rhythms of the wild, tribal drums.

Listen to the exotic music of faraway, foreign lands or off your ipod.

Come and see the Dancers from around the world they come by land, sea and air.

Be enticed by mercantile from around the world brought to you by the Merchants (vendors) from up and down the West Coast,East Coast(occasionaly)and surrounding states.

Small children can be overcome by the sparkle upon your costume and attempt to manhandle your person.

Bring your family, bring yourself and bring your wallet. Enter here and enjoy the entertainment, fantastic choregraphy and don't trip over dancing toddlers.

The Small Print
This advertisement has been brought to you by DaBabs. All Rights Reserved. Copy Right pending on the weather. Any attempt to lead you astray is wholly intentional and should be considered before continuing any festival or program what-so-ever. Mediterranean Fantasy Festival should be considered mesmerizing ecouraging you to dance wildly in the park. Be aware that attendance of this festival can leave your checkbook empty and your closet mysteriously full. Dance saturation can be a common side effect. You may experience dreams of achieving international acclaim and being hounded by the Paparazzi. Multiple dance classes in a one week period may leave you weak, but may induce incredible beauty and the fate of being sought after by nightclubs world-wide. Discuss any concerns with your physician before embarking from your vehicle onto the festival grounds. No inferred promise of wages and/or fame can be construed by any statements that may have been made herein. You, henceforth known as ‘The Reader’ shall not expect DaBabs to be responsible and shall hold DaBabs, henceforth known as ‘DaBabs’, harmless of all assumptions based on the contents of this festival and ad and; for the charges on your MasterCard. Any reference or similarity to the actual performers mentioned here is purely coincidental as they were the names that seemed the funniest to use. You must be seated in your chair for any future rewards to apply. Rates based on the percentage ratio of the small dancers to size superior dancers in which small dancers must purchase twice as expensive material in order to match the monetary out-go of the size superior dancers. Please Dance Responsibly.



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