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Delilah - Visionary Dance Productions
Delilah - Visionary Dance Productions 
This site features Delilah's award-winning belly dance instructional & performance videos and DVDs, beautiful pictures of belly dancers, informative and entertaining articles on bellydancing, schedules of workshops and retreats, bellydance music, and other delights from the world of Middle Eastern Belly dancing and music.

Hasani's Virtual Emporium 
Hasani's Virtual Emporium. All the latest belly dance attire and gizmos.

Mas Uda Dancers 
Mas Uda Dancers and Kashani
Olympia, WA

Saroya Poirier 
Renton Senior Center,
Belly dance classes

Senior - Belly Dance For Fun and Exercise

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57659 Fri 1:00PM -
2:30PM 08-05-2016 -
09-09-2016 Auditorium
Renton Senior Activity Center

Shahrazade Ensemble
Shahrazade Ensemble 
Shahrazade Ensemble, one of Seattle's Finest Dance troupes.

Belly Dancing Classes By Zaphara
Belly Dancing Classes By Zaphara 
Learn the Art of Oriental Dance With One of the Northwest's Top Dancers!

A master instructor & entertainer in the Pacific Northwest, Zaphara is one of the few belly dancers in the US of Greek heritage.

She has appeared in night clubs and taught workshops throughout the Northwest and other US cities. During that time, she has appeared on local, Canadian, Japanese & National TV shows (ABC's 20/20).

Director/choregrapher, Zaphara's Middle Eastern Dancers







Babylonian Ensemble Productions
Seattle Belly Dancers
Saroya Poirier
(206) 612-9395
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Mediterranean Fantasy Festival



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