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The Babylonian Ensemble, History

The Babylonian Ensemble began its journey long ago, with Director/teacher Lila Carlson, dancers, Sheila Rodriguez, Jeanne Desutter, Mary Kinsley, Diane Knee with the addition of Saroya Poirier a few months later.

It so happened that Circe and Sian had recently seen some belly dancers while doing their regular weekend gig at Steve's Gay 90's. Sian was smitten and dragged Circe off to classes. Of course Circe, after finding out that belly dancing involved sparkly costumes, was gung-ho too.

As will happen though, the teacher, Sheila Rodriguez that Circe and Sian began classes with decide not teach any longer, selling them to another teacher. That teacher just happened to be Saroya. Circe and Sian having first seen Saroya perform at an afternoon student recital at the Greek Village restaurant they knew she was the one.

It was s ...More

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