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The Babylonian Ensemble founders

Founding members;
Babylonian Ensemble in 1987
Circe Wiggins, Saroya Poirier, Charanni Albin, Sian Lane

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How The Med Fest Got Started

Once upon a time, there was a local festival call Fantasia. A gentleman George Mosley put it on every year for 11 years,1977 to 1987; everyone loved it. We were all very disappointed when he decided to bring a halt to Fantasia Festival. Where would we dance, what would we do? It was the event of the year, the first belly dance festival in Washington.

One night after dancing at a local Greek night club, Georges bar & grill… Saroya drove Circe home. During our discourse about the evening, Circe beings her next sentence with, “we could do a festival we have a park.” Now mind you Saroya’s doing the driving, she looks at Circe then remarks, “who do you think I am, Judy Garland, and you’re Mickey Rooney?” With a quiet smile a twinkle in her eyes, Circe say “yes”. The year, 1987.

Next those two conspirators discuss it with litter ...More

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Saroya Poirier

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