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Vendor Information - Med Fest

Mediterranean Fantasy Festival

Between SW Walnut, west Seattle high school and Hiawatha gym
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2015 Vendors:
Spot# & Vendor

7-Sandwich Persian Food

Row 1 SW Walnut Street
1 Mirabai
2 Bellie Babes
3 Sakkara Clothing & Costume, LLC
4/5 Fatima’s Bazaar
6/7 Kashi Imports 360-452-5053
8/9 Hasani's
10/11 Diamond Pyramid 919-227-2019

unload area

Row 2 East of center
12 For the Frill of it all
13 Goddess Creations 206 546-5143

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Dancer Lineup   History   Med Fest Program   Vendors   You Are Invited   



Babylonian Ensemble Productions
Seattle Belly Dancers
Saroya Poirier
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